Monday, November 5, 2012

The Autopsy Results...

Many of you have heard Madexs story and shared part of my heartache and sorrow. Now I think it is time to share the cause of death with you.

I am not going to put the medical terms because most of you will have to google each word (like I did) to fully understand what happened. Also what I was first told when he passed away was incorrect. The autopsy was very shocking considering I thought it was his lungs but find out later it was his brain.
A little background information: Madex was born early at 36 weeks. He stayed in he hospital for 2 weeks and was treated for his lungs not being fully developed and infection in his lungs. 
Now fast forward to autopsy results. Madex was born with blood on his brain from the birthing process. It usually heals on its own but instead caused two subdural hydromas in his brain to form (Sacs filled with fluid). He had one large one under the right side of his brain and one small one in the back of his brain.
While His brain was trying to heal itself it caused a small blood clot and caused the larger subdural hydroma(sac filled with fluid) to rupture. The fluid leaked onto his brain and caused deprivation of oxygen to his entire brain. Which then lead to his entire body shutting down.
After finding out the autopsy results I finally feel like I have some closure. I love and miss my baby boy very much. Can't wait to see you again one day. Always in my thoughts, forever in my heart!


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